As places are limited, to secure the reservation of the trip, you must pay a deposit deducted from the final payment
2) The reservation must be formalized by a payment of the deposit in amount (in general 20% of total costs of the trip) and on deadlines specified for each trip
3) In case of cancellation by the customer, the deposit is lost
4) The remaining amount will be paid on day of arrival. Of failure to full payment of the trip it will be understood that the participant gives up the trip and therefore lose the deposit
5) The places will be allocated in strict order of deposit payments
6) At all times the participant may cancel the services requested to be entitled to a refund of the amount, if he had paid any, except for the reservation, but must compensate the organization for the concepts of management fees and cancellation fees
7) Management and cancellation fees, in no case will involve more than 10% of the total cost of the trip
8) If the participants are not present on the day of the beginning of the journey, they will not be entitled to any refund of money already paid
9) If the participants would be denied to enter the country because they lack the requirements imposed, or of defect in the passport ,or not being the carrier of it, liability is assumed for the consequences arising from acts of this or a similar nature, only these participants would cover any expense arising, including transportation costs, hotels, airport transfers and airline ticket to return or go to another country linking with the trip again.
10) The completion of the trip is conditioned by the registration of a minimum of 4 participants per trip concretized. Failure to reach this minimum figure, the participant already registered have the right to cancel the trip and he will be reimbursed with the amount he owed, always with a minimum of one month and without some claim result.

• Transport (by bus, minibus or SUV) during the contracted tour
• Drivers and guides with extensive experience
• Chefs on 4x4 and trekking expeditions
• Fuel for the entire trip
• Customs Fees
• Customs formalities
• In some expeditions we provide camping and kitchen equipment - without sleeping bags
• Overnights concretized for each trip (hotels, hostels, shelters or camps with bungalows) accommodation. In case of expeditions also nights of camping
• Breakfast in cities, half board during travel and full board during expeditions
• Local guides
• Transfer airport-hotel-airport
• The human and logistical knowledge of people who live and work as tour agents or guides in Africa
• Using a satellite phone (4x4 and trekking expeditions in remote areas)

• Air fares and rates
• Travel assistance insurance
• Meals not included in the program and beverages
• River, air or any other unscheduled trips
• Adventure and sport activities
• Bags and sheets
• Visas
• Tips and entrances to villages, natural sites, museums and monuments
• Any other aspect not covered in the previous section ( "the price includes")


Normally the minimum group is 4 persons. Not reaching the minimum group will be considered sufficient cause for the cancellation of the trip, which will take at least 15 days prior to the scheduled departure date.
4x4 expeditions need to go with at least 2 SUVs.


It is essential to consult with Foreign Health services / Tropical Medicine centers of the Autonomous Region for vaccines and malaria prophylaxis.
You can consult Foreign Health Centers in your own country, and in Spain through the website of the Ministry of Health
In West Africa yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. For other non-compulsory vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis, it is necessary to obtain information from the Ministry of Health in your country or in Spain


In general terms, we can speak of dry tropical climate (desert zones or sub-Saharan areas during the dry season) and humid in the rainy season. The nights in the desert or in the mountains are often quite cold, even very cold, with temperatures that can drop below 5 degrees, while maximum on sunny days can exceed 40 degrees.


Outside the camps we use clean, pleasant, well located and equipped establishments - hotels, hostels, mountain lodges and camps with nomad tents or bungalows. The rooms in these establishments are usually double or triple rooms with bath / shower and in some cases rooms could have been shared, and without private bathrooms.
The igloo camping tents we provide are spacious enough for us to feel comfortable in them and their installation is quick and easy. In remote areas camping sites have few or no services at all.

In case of 4x4 expeditions we'll prepare the food during the trip but the group should work on preparing tables and chairs, wash your dishes and cutlery. We establish shifts to perform these tasks. We must also assist in assembling and disassembling the tents, and loading and unloading camping equipment.


In the rainy season will be left to the maximum flow of some rivers and there will be mud on some tracks. At times this can hamper the planned route, so it is difficult in some days mark a closed program.
The characteristics of the trip, which mostly runs through national parks, reserves and areas still outside the mass tourism, we must ensure to maintain an attitude of respect for the natural environment. There are rules to follow in parks and reserves and in the camping areas, both in regard to the latter behavior (noise, cleaning, etc.) and with regard to the attitude during visits (follow the itineraries marked, respect the areas of unauthorized access, avoid disturbing the animals, etc.). They are rules that try to maintain a sustainable relationship between habitat that welcomes us and visitors enjoy it and avoid discomfort and damage to native flora and fauna.

The benefit of the whole group will be to thank the lend a hand in some tasks as loading and unloading luggage and equipment, assemble and dismantle tents, kitchen chores, etc. It is, therefore, a journey that is essential an open and participatory spirit.


In case of 4x4 expeditions they are prepared for this type of travel SUVs.
Irrespective of the number of passengers, always go on trip minimum two vehicles.

• Mobile phone with roaming enabled and charger
• Sleeping bag (4x4 expeditions or trekking)
• Mosquito net (on trips malaria risk areas)
• Flashlight and batteries
• Basic kit (gauze, betadine, plasters, bandage, tape)
• Medicines: aspirin or paracetamol, Fortasec (diarrhea), Augmentin (antibiotic), Reglan, sunscreen tall, eye drops for eyes.
• If you think you can get dizzy, take motion sickness pills
• High protection sun cream, moisturizer and after-sun
• Towel
• Gel, shampoo, deodorant, brush or comb
• Brush and toothpaste
• Antiseptic gel
• Wet wipes
• Mirror
• Hats and sunglasses
• Insect repellent. Never forget
• Insecticide tropical type
• Camera or video, memory cards and chargers

• Warm Jersey
• Fine Jersey
• Wrap (polartec, windstopper, sweatshirt)
• Raincoat or similar for rain
• Long pants
• Shorts
• T-shirts
• Hat
• Swimsuits or bikinis
• Beach towel
• Flip flops
• Underwear
• Closed shoes, comfortable
• Sandals
• Nightdress or pajamas


Valid passport with at least three blank pages, at least six months to expire. Visas required. Optional driver's license.


In case of all types of adventure travel and exploration is considered that the traveler is aware of the effort that can make during a trip of this nature, which is mostly done on roads and paths often in very poor condition, may present difficulties and being exposed to suffer setbacks and adversities, as they can be: poor food variety, weather, breakdowns and various difficult and extreme situations where fatigue and physical and moral discouragement can be present both during the stretches of road trip, hiking on foot, trips canoeing, horseback, camel or other means, as well as during the development of the overall activity itself.

We understand that the traveler is willing to accept it as part of the contents of the accompanying travel adventure or exploration, and the traveler is aware that voluntarily participate in a trip to foreign countries with different characteristics to their country of origin, traveling and visiting remote, exotic and tropical areas with structure and organization, at all levels, different than you may be accustomed to, and where there are different from the country of origin of the traveler endemic diseases for which it is necessary to apply prophylactics under the responsibility of the traveler himself.

Therefore, the traveler is aware of the risks they can run, such as among others: forces of nature, illness, accident, poisonous bites (arachnids or reptiles), poor hygiene and living conditions, animal attacks, and in some circumstances, terrorism, crime and other aggressions, knowing the traveler who may not have access to a quick evacuation or adequate or complete medical care.

It is important that the traveler carry on a tour of adventure characteristic conviviality, positive attitude, good humor and tolerance among the Members of the group and to setbacks and difficulties that may arise, are very important to the smooth running and success of the trip, warning that these coexistence problems can arise.

We assume that the traveler understands and accepts that in this type of travel may occur circumstances involving changes in itineraries, in activities, at any time and place by circumstances that cannot be foreseen, motivated by the particular characteristics of the type of travel and place in which they operate.

Therefore we disclaim any responsibility for situations in which the performance of the traveler qualifies as irresponsible.

We understand that the traveler voluntarily accepts all possible risks and adverse circumstances on the basis of all the above, exempting Nomad Instinct, any of its members or employees from all liability for any event or circumstance occurring during the journey or expedition in the peculiar characteristics of the areas where develops as situations beyond the control of travel arrangements can occur.

Due to the permanent change of the legal requirements for visiting certain countries, transportation schedules, fares etc., act as mere informants, remain the responsibility of travelers reconfirm the documentation required with the various consular offices, health authorities, administrative, etc.


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