Always independent and preferring to step in your own paths?

Routes explored by others are not for you?

The hotel's five stars have no chance to compete with the "million stars hotel" - overnight under the open sky? Adventure is a challenge, adrenaline, hardships and sacrifice?

Road beckons you into the unknown?

Are you looking for extreme experiences?

Do you think that the real adventure begins where the comfort zone ends?

Do you plan and realize your travels alone and no one is needed to help you with it?


EXPLORER is just for you.


However if you’re already here, it is likely that you are missing time to plan your dream trip this time.

Yes, you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you something special.


Off the beaten track

Tracks of Rally Dakar

4x4 self-driven or with a driver. Also  enduro motobike.  From 3 days (Merzouga). High dunes training as an option..

Minimum 4 persons/ 2 cars.


Trans Morocco

BESTSELLER! Morocco off the beaten tracks: wild nature in the mountains and desert. Over 50% off road. From  8 days.

Minimum 4 persons/ 2 cars


Moto Morocco

 Guided by an expert, enduro routes in Atlas Mountains and Sahara. Only for experienced riders.  From 1 day and 1 pers. (in Marrakech). Longer routes min. 2 pers.


Into the Wild

High Mountain Trekking

Various treks in the Atlas Mountains.   A mule expedition with a certified mountain guide, a cook, and tents transported by mules. From 3 days. Min. 4 persons.


The Circus of Taghia

BESTSELLER!  4x4 & trekking combined expe to the most unaccesible part of the High Atlas. Also for climbers (900m high walls). 7 days from Marrakech, min. 4 pers.


To the Tropic of Cancer

4x4 expedition in the Western Sahara desert, 5 days in total wilderness from Marrakech/Agadir. Self driven cars, tents and self catering. Min. 4 persons/2 cars.




Tamanrasset or Tassili N´Ajjer, 9 days 4x4 expeditions. Tuaregs and Prehistoric Rock Art. Domestic flights from Algiers included. From 3 persons. Check dates. 



Ennedi & Unianga Lakes or Tibesti Mountains, 15 days expeditions. The most remote areas of the Sahara. Consult us for the possible dates. From 4 persons.



Oasis of Adrar and the Banc d´Arquin National Parc. 12 days 4x4 expedition in the less known Sahara country. Min 4 persons/2 cars. Check dates.



Tribal Cameroon

Cameroon is called "The Little Africa" and offers volcans, beaches, lakes, jungle and desert. 15 days of expedition combined with trekking. From 2 persons. Check dates.


Guinea Conacry

One of the less developed countries is a paradise of wild forests and its Animist tribes. 15 days expedition. From 4 persons. Consult us for possible dates.


Trans Sahara

Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso. 17 days (one way) expedition from Tarifa to the Reserve of Nazinga. In your own car. Piste or tarmac alternatives of the route.


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