You were already here, but departed feeling unsatisfied?

Would you like to see and experience more?

Are you interested in less known, hard to reach places and countries?

The standard holidays programs do not correspond with your expectations?

Do you prefer to travel in the company of family/friends only?

Adventure sucks - even if not everything can be precisely planned and predicted?

ADVENTURE is just for you.


Oases of the Deep South

From Marrakech/Agadir, Antiatlas Mountains & Sahara. From 5 days, 4x4, minimum 4 persons.


The Family Adventure

Morocco , 4x4, 7-12 days. Various itineraries and attractions. 

Minimal group 1 family.


Fes & Middle Atlas

4x4 and light trek (option). A circuit in the heart of the Middle Atlas mountains. 4-8 days. Min. 4 persons.


Photography plein air

Photography expedition & workshops. 8-12 days, various itineraries. Minibus/4x4. Min. 8 pers.


Land of the Amazigh 

BESTSELLER! Unknown areas of Atlas & Sahara. Nature and Berber Culture. 4x4, 8-12 days. Min. 4 pers.


Marrakech & Toubkal 

Guided ascent to the highest mountain of North Africa, 4,167 m. From 3 days. Min. 4 persons.


Go Surfing!

Surfing, Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Essaouira & Dakhla. From 3 days Essaouira/1 week Dakhla.  Min. 2 per


The Gates of Sahara

8 days from Marrakech/Fes/Agadir. Various 4x4 tracks in the mountains and desert. Minimum 2 persons.


Morocco: Just Go!

Morocco at your own pace. We provide cars, hotels and a roadbook. Realization is yours. From 3 days. 



The Essence of Senegal

West Africa in an easy way. A circuit of 8 days to the most interesting  places in Senegal. Min. 2 persons. 



The Dogons' Mystery

Mali, magnetic country with vibrant culture, and the mysterious Dogon tribe. 8-15 days. From 4 persons. 



West Africa Intro

BESTSELLER! Ghana, Togo & Benin cultural diversity tour, 17 days, or 22 days incl. Ivory Coast. Min. 2 persons



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