“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page” - St. Augustine

Travel which suits you best

Tours, trips and theme holidays programs in the EXPERIENCE, ADVENTURE, and EXPLORER categories found on this site are original ideas of our team and of partner companies – in that case developed and modified by us to the needs of our Guests and Corporate Clients. Consider these examples as a source of inspiration and starting point for the creation of your own Adventure Trip to "meet the dreams", which we hope, will transform into the adventure of a lifetime. 

Hotel, riad, auberge, gite d´etape, desert camp... 

Finding a right hotel in Morocco is a tricky business. Quite often a "normal" hotel of 4* category, when speaking about hospitality, athmosphere, decoration and food is of lesser standard than non-categorized family-owned auberge or small, luxurious riad in the medina. An accomodation like a gite d´etape in some remote areas, but of incredibly beautiful surroundings could be of no standard at all (rooms for 4 or more persons, shared bathroom and only cold water) but those places and views are worth every sacrifice.

We prefer and highly recommend such hidden gems to impersonal big tourist hotels. In our circuits like Essence of Morocco or Land of the Amazigh, we propose a full review of accomodation - riads or boutique hotels in the cities, auberges, gites d´etape and nomad´s camps in the desert and mountains areas, and in some cases also authentic old kasbahs.

Now, a moment of reflection

We want to show the World as it is - true and often distant from stereotypes. Our trips are designed for travelers open to the world and people, respecting the culture, traditions and local customs. Africa defends itself with the beauty of landscapes, cultural diversity and truly magnetic atmosphere. On the other hand, be realistic. Do not expect that in developing countries, everything will function like a Swiss watch.

Some Visual Inspiration

Our 3 basic categories

EXPERIENCE /E/ for Beginners
ADVENTURE /A/ for Advanced
EXPLORER /X/ for Experts

Prices in general

EXPERIENCE from 100€ p/p  y per day  (mostly 2WD car or minibus),

ADVENTURE from 120€ p/p y per day  (mostly 4x4 cars),

EXPLORER from 150€ p/p y per day in case of expedictions (4x4 cars, over 50% off road), enduro motorbikes, quads, rallys, special sport programs etc. Trekkings (in Morocco) are more economic.

Prices are calculated individually in accord with our Guests. There are many factors to be considered:  standard of the accomodation and catering, trasportation,  accessibility, intensity of the program itself, number of persons, special demands... 

Ask for more info and consult us for the group & event prices.


Katarzyna Falkowska Warchol, the founder of Nomad Instict, journalist by profession, adventurer by passion, expert on trails and tracks of Morocco and Saharaholic.

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