Africa a la carte


"The real voyage of discovery consists 

        not in seeking new landscapes,

               but in having new eyes".

                          -Marcel Proust



"A nomad's instinct it is not survival - its wanderlust"

Nomad Instinct is the philosophy of travel in a way that fits best your personality, expectations, interests, needs, and passion... You are our Guests, with whom we create unique travel programs and with whom we plan our African (and not only) expeditions.
We  create programs for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and Event Organisers. We also consult tourist destination for individuals travelling to Spain and North-West Africa.

Instinct Wanderers

The concept of Nomad Instinct was born from our passion for Africa, which has infected curious, open to new experiences travelers who want to see, to know and understand more. Africa - the cradle of the Humanity has amazing energy and incredible power of attraction. What we propose is to experience the true, authentic, indigenous Africa – not dominated by mass tourism yet. It is a return to the roots, to nomadic instinct that has been leading tribal nomads for thousands of years, and still invites us to travel in an alternative way, set on adventures and personal experiences, which would remain in the memory forever.


Passion and Know-how

The team of Nomad Instinct is formed of experts of various parts of Africa, fans of the active tourism and sports. What unites us is the belief that the world is full of wonders - and so we want to show them to you. We act locally. We focus on areas that we know well. We work on the spot with the best providers. Our partners are reliable, experienced organizers of tourism, leisure and sports in the regional markets and non-profit organization supporting the development of local communities – we support the idea of ​​responsible tourism and sustainable development.



We do not impose ready-made patterns - the most important are YOU and your curiosity, interests, and dreams. 

Travel that suits you best

Three basic categories of our Travel & Active Tourism programs




Some visual inspiration


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Katarzyna Falkowska Warchol, the founder of Nomad Instict, journalist by profession, adventurer by passion, expert on the trails and tracks of Morocco and Saharaholic.

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